Charitraheen Web Series Songs Download, Listen & Watch Online (চরিত্রহীন)

Charitraheen Web Series All Songs Download
Charitraheen Hoichoi Songs
Charitraheen All Songs are getting awesome responses in views on youtube and loved by the audience. Charitraheen is one of the best web series in the Bengali language which is available on Hoichoi. It is based on Charitraheen (চরিত্রহীন) Novel written by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay.
Not only in the Bengali language also it gets huge success on the global platform and many other languages like Hindi. You can watch Charitraheen All Episodes in Hindi on MX Player.

Charitraheen Web Series was directed by Debaloy Bhattacharya and it was produced by Vinod Bhalla. In this web series, we can find many underrated talented actors. Charitraheen web series lead cast – Saurav Das, Naina Ganguly, Saayoni Ghosh, Gaurav Chatterjee, Soumendra, and many others.

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Charitraheen does not only get huge success because of its storyline or actors. It also has some amazing songs like Katora Radhika sung by Sharoni Poddar. Charitraheen Web Series All Songs get huge loved from the audience.


Charitraheen Web Series Songs Download


Let’s see the list of Charitraheen Season 1 All Songs you can listen to or Watch it here –


 Katora Radhika (কাতরা রাধিকা)

Katora Radhika Song is sung by Sharoni Poddar. Katora Radhika Originally sung Komola Jhoriya. Katora Radhika Song Lyrics was written by Traditional and Music was directed by Subho Pramanik.

Noroker Khobor (নরকের খবর)

Noroker Khobor Song is sung by Soumyadeep Sikdar. Noroker Khobor Song Lyrics was written by Debaloy Bhattacharya and Music was directed by Subho Pramanik. Noroker Khobor music arranged and programmed by Bob Sn.

Amar Onge Onge Ke (আমার অঙ্গে অঙ্গে কে)

Amar Onge Onge Ke Song is sung by Lagnajita Chakraborty. Amar Onge Onge Ke Music directed by Subho Pramanik. In this song Guitar played by Raja Chowdhury. Amar Onge Onge Ke music arranged and programmed by Bob Sn.

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