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FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor Tutorials, Features, Details, Review
FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor
FilmoraGo is a Free Android Video Editing Software developed by Wondershare. If you already used Wondershare Products specially Video Editing Software Wondershare Filmora Pc then you will definiately knew that FilmoraGo was a Android version of PC Filmora Editing Software.
It has more than 50 Millions downloads on Playstore. Filmora was a very popular video editing software in windows. It has huge amount of trusted users. Reason of it’s popularity was Filmora Video Editing Software was so Easy and Friendly to use.
In this article you will know about FilmoraGo App Features theirs Details Review and Tutorials.

    FilmoraGo – Free Video Editor!

    FilmoraGo is one of the Best Free Video Editing Software In 2020. There are so many free video editing software like KineMaster, Power Director etc. But FilmoraGo has some Unique and Special Features which makes FilmoraGo Best Video Editing App than other apps.
    Download it from Google Play

    FilmoraGo App Requirements

    App Name : FilmoraGo
    Size : 97MB
    Package Name : com.wondershare.filmorago
    Version : 4.0.5
    Minimum Supported Android Version : Nougat 7.0
    Offered by : Wondershare Technology Co., Limited

    FilmoraGo UI (User Interface)

    FilmoraGo is very easy to use video editing software for android users. It’s User Interface was attractive and friendly to use.
    FilmoraGo App User Interface
    FilmoraGo App
    In FilmoraGo App Home Screen you will find-
    • To edit your videos click on New Project Option and start editing.
    • To record and captures images and videos directly in app click on Camera Option.
    • In Store Option you can download Themes, Filters, Tools, Motion VFX, Stickers and lots of other features.
    • In the upper right corner you will find Settings option.

    FilmoraGo App Features

    Wondershare Filmora achive huge success in PC video editing softwares and now Filmora also comes for android users. FilmoraGo is full of advanced features you just needs to know how it works and in this we are talking about all these features.
    • Already featured music
    • Add your music
    • Sound effects
    • Record audio
    • Remove audio
    • Extract audio
    • Multiple sound tracks
    Text and Stickers
    • Add Text on Video or Photo
    • Multiple text fonts
    • Shadow text
    • Border text
    • Animation text
    • Add Stickers on Video or photo
    • Animated stickers
    • Stickers store
    PIP and Effects
    • Add Images, Videos or Stickers
    • Blending image to image
    • Motion effects
    • Speed controls
    • Filters and overlays
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Temperature
    • Vignette
    • Saturation
    • Clarity
    • Aspect ratio
    • Crop video
    • Blur border
    • Color border
    • Image border

    FilmoraGo Tutorials

    How To Use FilmoraGo!

    FilmoraGo application is very easy to use than other application available on playstore. After your first video edit experience with Filmorago you will definiately loved this application. First let’s see how to add videos in Filmorago.
    Filmorago Tutorials
    FilmoraGo App
    1. Open FilmoraGo Application
    2. Click On New Project option
    3. Select Video or Image or Blank Color you want to edit
    4. Cick on Import
    5. Start editing

    How To Add Music in FilmoraGo

    FilmoraGo App
    FilmoraGo App
    1. Select the Video or Image you want to edit
    2. Click on Music
    3. Click on My Music to add music from your phone storage
    4. Select track and click on Plus Icon (+) to add
    After adding the music you can control it’s speed. You can make the music Fast or Slow as your choice.
    You also find Fade option use it to fade your music Out or In.

    How To Add Stickers in FilmoraGo

    How to Add Stickers in FilmoraGo
    FilmoraGo App
    1. Select the Video clip or Image you want to add sticker
    2. Click on Sticker
    3. Select the sticker from Preset, Spring, Zoo Animals etc. section
    4. Click the tick mark
    You will find more stickers on store you can purchase it from there.

    How To Use Filters in FilmoraGo

    How To Use Filters in FilmoraGo
    FilmoraGo App
    1. Select the Video or Image you want to apply Filters
    2. Click on Filter
    3. Select the filter you want to apply
    4. Click on apply to all
    20 Filters are available free if you need more filters you can purchase it from store section.

    How To Use Effects in FilmoraGo

    How To Use Effects in FilmoraGo
    FilmoraGo App
    1. Select the Video or Image you want to apply effects
    2. Click on Effect
    3. Select the effect you want to apply
    4. Click the tick mark
    Only 12 Effects available in FilmoraGo App – Chromatic Effect, Bad TVSignal Effect, Chaos Effect, Extreme Effect, Mild Effect, Sideways Effect, AmPlash Effect, Blur2 Effect, Square Blur Effect, TVWall Effect, Fish Eye Effect and Water Effect.

    How To Change Aspect Ratio in FilmoraGo

    How To Change Aspect Ratio in FilmoraGo
    FilmoraGo App
    1. Select the Video or Image you want to edit
    2. Click on Canvas Option
    3. Click on Format
    4. Select the Aspect Ratio you want
    After changing aspect ratio you can also Blur the Background area or add Color in Background area. To add Blur Effect or Color in background area – Click on Canvas > Select Blur or Color which you want to use.

    How To Remove Filmora Go Watermark

    How To Remove Filmora Go Watermark
    FilmoraGo App
    During video editing you will saw this watermark in full video and when you touch the cross icon to remove the watermark it dosen’t remove. Even after finish editing when you export the video you will saw the watermark still exist in full video.
    To Remove FilmoraGo Watermark Permanently you need to purchase subscription. If you take subscription of Filmorago app you will not only able to remove watermark also you will get paid features, paid stickers, paid filters etc.
    You can pay using Google Pay. There are three type of subscription available first weekly which is called Weekly Pro, second monthly which is called Monthly Pro and the last yearly which is called Annually Pro.

    Filmora Go Subscription Price

    Here is the list of Filmora Go App Subscription Prices –
    • Weekly Pro  ₹90 (One Week)
    • Monthly Pro ₹260 (One Month)
    • Annually Pro ₹1750 (One Year)

    Filmora Go Pro Benefits

    FilmoraGo Pro gives access to use all the advanced paid features. Take subscription as your need. You can pay using Google Pay. Filmora Go Pro not charges you only to remove their watermark they also gives you the full access of all features. Here is the list of what you will get in paid subscription.
    • Remove Watermark
    • Remove Logo Roll
    • Export videos in 1080p
    • Exclusive Paid Stickers
    • Exclusive Paid Effects
    • You will not face any Ads
    • You can add Multiple Tracks
    • There are No Time Limit for video export

    Filmora Go Review

    First let me tell you this is my personal opinion. It can happen our choices does not match you will also have your personal opinion. There are also so many free video editing software maybe which are better than FilmoraGo or worst than FilmoraGo. Everyone has there own need own choices.
    I personally used Wondershare Filmora on PC in few several years. It is really easy and friendly to use. I edit my all videos on Filmora and I really have impressive experienced with it. Wondershare is a Trusted brand so you don’t need to worry about it.
    In few months I’m using FilmoraGo to edit my Instagram, Facebook videos and it’s not disappoint me. They are doing great work also in Android. But they just needs to add more stickers, effects and filters to improve there app. It is really a great Free Video Editing App for Android.

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