Colors Bangla: Mahalaya 2021 – Cast, Date & Time, Watch Online

In this Mahalaya 2021, Colors Bangla hears fan demand and brings back Koel Mallick as Maa Durga. This year Colors Bangla Mahishasur Mardini show name is ‘Nabarupe Mahadurga‘.

Colors Bangla Mahalaya Cast in 2021

  • Koel Mallick
  • Ushasi Ray
  • Jasmine Roy
  • Devlina Kumar
  • Adrija Roy
  • Titiksha Das
  • Pallavi Dey
  • Tumpa Ghosh
  • Shreema Bhattacherjee

Colors Bangla Mahalaya 2021 Date and Time

This year ‘Nabarupe Maadurga’ Mahalaya would air at 5:00 am on Wednesday, October 6, 2021. Besides that, it would also be available on Voot at the same time.

Colors Bangla Mahalaya Promo

Where To Watch Colors Bangla Mahalaya ‘Nabarupe Mahadurga’

Many Bengali Mahalaya lovers eagerly awaiting Koel Mallick’s to back as Maa Durga’s role in Mahishasur Mardini. In Mahalaya 2021, Colors Bangla makes it true for them. Because Koel Mallick is in the lead role in Nabarupe Mahadurga which would be air on tv and the video streaming platform Voot.

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Q1. Name of the actress in Colors Bangla Mahalaya 2021?

Ans. Koel Mallick

Q2. Colors Bangla Mahalaya 2021 Time?

Ans. 5:00 am IST on October 6

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