Zee Bangla: Mahalaya 2022 – Cast Update, Date & Time, Watch Online, Wikipedia

In this Mahalaya 2022, Soumitrisha Kundu playing the lead role in Zee Bangla Mahalaya. On the other side, Rubel Das is going to play the role of Lord Shiva. Stay connected to get more updates.

Zee Bangla Mahalaya Cast in 2022

  • Soumitrisha Kundu
  • Rubel Das
Zee Bangla Mahalaya Cast 2022

Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022 Date and Time

This year Zee Bangla Mahalaya would air at 5:00 am on Sunday, September 25, 2022. Besides that, it would also be available on Zee5 at the same time.

Where To Watch Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022 Online

Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022, would be aired on tv and also on the video streaming platform Zee5. But at first, you need a subscription plan for Zee5. Then you can Watch Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022 Online on Zee5.

Mithai is Zee Bangla’s most popular tv serial for now and Soumitrisha Kundu is the lead actress in the show. When Soumitrisha shares the news that she will be in Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022 as a lead. Mithai fans go crazy all over the internet.


Q1. Name of the actress in Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022?

Ans. Soumitrisha Kundu played the role of Goddess Maa Durga in 2022 Zee Bangla Mahalaya.

Q2. Zee Bangla Mahalaya 2022 Time?

Ans. 5:00 am IST on September 25

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